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Multimedial Floor Stand

The display informs guests, clients, visitors, staff and patients dynamically and regularly updated about news and offers. The high resolution monitor is equipped with a pc with windows operating system and can be connected to the internet either wireless or via network cable. This makes it possible to play either simple powerpoint presentations or also content from the internet like full hd videos, news or weather forecasts. The dynamic contents can be set and scheduled either by the client himself or by kd in the form of personalized templates. The side profile made of aluminium steel look anodized, brushed. front panel tempered glass silk screen printed. back side powder-coated anthracite coloured metal, base stainless steel, monitor with pc windows and intel® 3 processor.


  • Elegant and stable advertisement and presentation totem
  • In elegant white
  • Available monitor sizes: 40" and 50"
  • Operating period: 16h/day
  • Content management software already integrated
  • Kd additional services: content management, remote maintenance and support, software training
High Resolution


Interior Sign